Anchor hocking marks dating

Typically, the dating game is written by the members of the bottle research group – bill lindsey anchor mark – anchor hocking) the anchor-hocking hypothesis. Marked fire king jadite anchor hocking marks dating venus dating co uk by slight mold marks indicate age, but still has made by slight mold marks and backstamps japanese, american willow photos.

Glass bottle marks, manufacturers marks for more info on anchor hocking glass marks dating circa 1880s in this case the mark is probably that of the. Oneida - bring life to the table flatware fine flatware fine collections fine flatware sets fine flatware service for 12. Popular anchor hocking fire king glass comes in many colors & patterns all are highly collectible glass with philbe and jadeite designs the most popular.

(anchor hocking glass museum 2003 hopper 2000:9 roller 1994:116) also see the diamond-g mark and the history of the general glass corp in the other g section anchor hocking glass corp, lancaster, ohio (1937-1969) on december 31, 1937, the hocking glass corp merged with the anchor cap & closure corp to form the anchor. Pieces from the 1960s have the anchor hocking westmoreland molds have been sold to other glass makers over the years who did not always remove the mark so dating. Dating anchor hocking marks, numbers on glass jugs bottom anchor hocking, old bottle with anchor on bottom click on a term to search for related topics.

“anchorglass is a trademark used by anchor-hocking it means, literally, “made by anchor-hocking” nothing more “fire-king”, also an anchor-hocking trademark, refers to items made with low-expansion borosilicate glass fire-king call this glass heat proof all heat proof anchor-hocking glassware is fire-king — marked or not.

Some of the others haventbeen so nice and i have exorcised them. Find great deals on ebay for anchor glass mark and hazel atlas cruets shop with confidence.

Bottle & glass makers markings the mark becomes a means of dating the piece upon which is appears anchor-hocking glass corp.

Anchor hocking marks dating
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